The OppO Foundation will provide support through a series of projects which will be developed over time and fully resourced. Our principle is to never overpromise but always deliver.

Our current projects are:

Changing Perceptions

Changing Perceptions is a community based project in Bury.  We recognise that the perceptions that different groups within our society have of one another and in particular their perception of the military, are often based on false information, misunderstanding, biases both innate and transferred.

At the heart of all of us is comfort in the familiar and fear of the different.

Generally the focus tends to be on differences and all too often overlooks what we have in common.

The University Challenge
In the University Challenge we will work with universities to provide courses which will help military personnel develop and adapt the skills which they acquired in military service to meet the requirements of the major commercial sectors in the UK and overseas.

We are grateful to the support which has been received from Birmingham University on our pilot scheme for the rail industry.

Team OppO
Many soldiers are discharged from the military with disabilities both physical and psychological.

A common trait for these individuals is that they are highly driven to overcome their disability and forge a new life for themselves and their families.

We are keen to support them and Team OppO has been initiated to help ex-military personnel with disabilities to achieve their sporting goals. 





The OppO Foundation in partnership with the University of Birmingham is helping to get former military colleagues into further education with a new high quality postgraduate programme in Railway Risk and Safety Management to support the world's railway businesses.

Places are available on a Continuous Professional Development basis for four technical taught modules and are taught as one week blocks on the University of Birmingham campus.

Module Overview

6-10 October: ROCS, Railway Operations Control Systems

This module covers the technical and organisational sides of railway signalling, control, and operations. Students will learn how railways are planned and operated, and how trains are safely timetabled and moved through the network. Also covered is the influence of human behaviours on the railway, how to manage accidents and incidents, and how to manage risk from internal and external influences to prevent accidents in the first place. It offers the best overview to introduce students to how the railway is run.

10-14 November: RSIS, Rolling Stock and Infrastructure Systems

This module covers tracks, trains, and just about everything in between. It is a very good match for students from military backgrounds because it deals with the physical, tangible aspects of the railway, and many members of HM Forces will have had to deal with large infrastructure undertakings in a hazardous environment, which is the subject of this module. The module covers the design, construction, risk management, and maintenance of trains and of railway infrastructure.

For further information about the course and the four modules download the information document opposite.

Scroll down to read testimonials from our course applicants.

If you are interested in the course or have any questions please contact us below:

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Army - Royal Engineers


Time served:
19 Years (Still Serving)

Clerk of Works (Electrical)

Railway Risk and Safety Management

“I heard about The OppO Foundation through a friend who had also had the privilege of undertaking learning through this education program. He explained how The OppO Foundation helped him attend a number of modules about railway infrastructure provided through the University of Birmingham. He said the modules were challenging and very interesting.

There was nothing to fear, I was successful and I was offered a number of modules.

These courses will enhance my personal development throughout my remaining service. On completion of these modules and over my next 3 years of service I would like to complete the MSc in Railway Risk and Safety Management using my ELC’s so that I can eventually specialise and pursue a career in the Rail Industry.

The OppO Foundation has given me a great opportunity that would not normally be offered to military personnel. The OppO Foundation is allowing me to proactively prepare in a timely manner for transition into civilian life and hopefully a new career in the rail industry. 

What a fantastic privilege it is to have been offered this opportunity, I am truly thankful to The OppO Foundation. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to other colleagues leaving the service.”