Fundraising Challenges

The Challenge:

Team OppO 30-30-30 Challenge.

30 Days: Participants commit to a 30-day challenge Or to complete the challenge of their choice within 30 days.

30 Challenges: We’ll provide a list of 30 different challenges (or you can create your own!) ranging from physical activities like running or cycling to mental exercises like daily mindfulness practices or reading.

£30 Pledge: Pledge at least £30 to start your challenge. You can also fundraise from friends and family to increase your contribution.

What You Get..

Team OppO  Badge: Every participant receives a badge of honour upon completion.

Team OppO’ Journal: Track your progress, note down your experiences, and see your impact on the veterans.

Social Media: Updates about the foundation’s work and real-life stories of the veterans you’re supporting.

Virtual Challenge Meets: Be part of virtual meets where participants can share experiences, listen to veteran stories, and get expert advice.

Leaderboard: Get your place on our leaderboard for total number of challenges completed and total funds raised for The OppO Foundation.

How to Get Involved:

Sign Up: Register on our just giving page fundraisers website

Choose Your Challenge: Pick from our list or create your own.

Pledge & Fundraise: Start with your £30 and set a fundraising target.

Share your challenge on social media using #TeamOppO  to inspire others.

Complete & Celebrate: Finish your challenge, earn your badge, and see the difference you’ve made!